Antifungal activity Analysis of Essential oil orange Lemon peel


  • Narendra pratapsingh Budhathoki DMC Baglung Author
  • Samir Poudel Author


Acetone and Ethanol extracts, Antifungal Fungal Activity, Citrus reticulata Peel, Pectin


The largest fruit in Nepal is citrus, which takes up 2684 of the country's total fruit-growing land. 71.65% of the nation's citrus-growing land is devoted to the planting of citrus called mandarin oranges. Pectin is a structural hetero-polysaccharide that is integral for the motion of terrestrial flora. The fact some components are becoming resistant to specific fungal infections illnesses has become among the biggest obstacles in treating them at the moment. This necessitated the employment of novel medications to treat infectious disorders brought on by these microbes. Gram Equivalent weight of pectin was calculated 200. In conclusion, citrus fruits are widely consumed over the world. It's amazing how many pharmaceutical and therapeutic capabilities their peels have. Additionally, they are exceedingly low in toxicity and abundant sources of active chemicals. Soxhlet can be used to easily extract the essential oil. The end result confirms that essential oils were successfully extracted as pectin solutes, which is particularly helpful for pectin extraction in industrial sectors both economically and for environmental health.