Fishing gears and practices of fishing in Kathekhola, Baglung, Nepal


  • Dambar Singh Khatri Dhaulagiri Multiple Campus Author
  • Manish Kandel Dhaulagiri Multiple Campus Author
  • Prem Raj Gautam Prithivi Narayan Campus, Pokhara Author


fishing gears, fishing practices, conventional method of fishing


Fishing is the practise of catching fish from different water resources. The main objective of this work was to list out the different tools and techniques that are practised in capture fishing in Kathekhola, Baglung, Nepal. The study was conducted from October 2021 to April.2022. The study assessed the fishing methods adopted by the fisherman in the study area by the purposive sampling and direct observation methods adopted. Information was collected from 53 fishermen in the study area by the purposive sampling and direct observation method adopted in the area Kathekhola by regular field visits. The study identified that fishermen used hooks, cast net, gill net, fishing by hands, blocking and diverting water, umbrella fishing, Kure Thunne, use of plant extract as traditional or conventional methods for fish catching. In addition, fisherman used insecticides and current for fishing. Electrofishing and insecticides are illegal fishing which were uncommon the study area. The livelihood of 20% of fisherman depends on fishing. This study explored the various tools and techniques used to catch fish from the water bodies at Kathekhola, Baglung, Nepal. It is concluded from the study that the concerned body, administration, and stakeholders would take necessary actions, strategy for use of convention fishing tools in Kathekhola.

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