Ideology in Advertisement: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Selected Nepali Advertisements


  • Prakash Sharma DMC TU Baglung Author


Advertisement, critical awareness, ideology, resistance, underlying structure


This paper explores the way ideology is embedded in the underlying structure of advertisements, applying CDA as a theoretical tool focusing the ideas of Michael Foucault and Norman Fairclough. Four advertisements telecasted in Nepal Television are selected for the analysis. They represent four different fields like jewelry shop, bathing soap, food supplement and electric cable.  Following qualitative research design, this study has used critical, analytical and interpretative methods for analyzing the textual data.  Critical analysis of these representative advertisements has led to the conclusion that mass media discourse is the fertile playground for ideological games. Keeping in mind the social structure of Nepalese society, they all in united form impart patriarchal ideology to the audiences.  This article proposes the solution of such biased representation. Language is being used as a means of imparting the patriarchal ideology and we should seek a solution from there. We should create critical linguistic awareness to the audience and empower them to resist all such misrepresentations. Resistance is essential for gender equality and only critical linguistic awareness can help create a just society.